Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Read, Martha S: A History of our Journey Martha Read (1811-1891) traveled from Illinois to Oregon in 1852


This diary tells the story of Martha Read who set off for California on April the 16th 1852 from Illinois. From the sounds of it there were also many other families who followed in their travels. As Martha is quoted saying that "there is a great many a going from these parts and a great many families that we are acquainted with the roads" this tells us that many others were participating in these travels in the hopes of a better life and fortune. What stock they took on there travels consisted of "two waggons one span of horses three yoke of cattle two cows we take a tent with us and a small stove". The majority of their stock was for them to sell on their travels.

Roughly 3 weeks into the trip, they woke up in the early hours of the morning and went to the old fort and laid by for the day, which was apparently deserted for more than three years, this description tends to strike a resemblance to the western theme. The fort was in very good condition, "good rooms with good fireplace in them and furniture". In comparisons to other stories of similar trips that were told during this time period,  this story seems a lot less dangerous.

Several months later, They seemed to have came to a halt in their travels, due to severe weather conditions. To make sure that their stock was still in good condition, Clifton, who's identity is never verified, as well as the other families decided to stake claim to roughly 320 acres of land which is roughly 40 miles from Oregon City.

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