Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Final Scene


The ending scene within the film is one of the most famous scenes in film history, the ending sequence of the film is without dialogue and features music in the background. Ethan returns Debbie home, while the rest of the family return into the house, Ethan is left standing in the doorway alone. He turns directly, facing the camera, a dark silhouette against the the bright backdrop behind him of the desert. He turns and walks into the desert wind as the door closes on him. A possible reason for this is that really he is trying to save the community from himself and wants to stay as far away from them as possible. this is very different to other westerns that were produced in the same era such as Shane, where he was considered a hero and endeared by many.

An interpretation of this scene could be that he felt that he had completed his task for the family, due to Debbie being returned safely to her family. The actions of Ethan could be considered traditional of the western hero and that now he is moving on to pursue other adventures. The lone ranger theme is also very prevalent in this film as he begins to travel on his own.

The Edenic Myth is also featured in this scene. The Edenic Myth is the vision of a paradise with mountain backdrops and desert plains, and this longing to find this paradise can be related to the westward expansion.At the end, Ethan leaves the family which is gathering in the cabin to celebrate Debbie's return and walks away toward the spires. This indicates that he cannot give up on this Edenic myth for civilisation.

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