Sunday, 27 March 2016

Contemporary US border issues - Pro and Anti Latino immigration

Pro Immigration

Cafe con leche republicans is a pro Latino immigration website that believes that historically politicians get their statistics on immigration from a liberal white man. However the website highlights how the Latino vote holds a large percentage in the US therefore immigrant vote accounts for a large proportion of US democracy. Cafe con leche is an organisation that that welcome new immigrants that they class as "New Americans" through various forms of political activism. This involves making the children have a good education and the immigrants know that it is within their reach to have this opportunity. Also through the Republican party they want to adopt more immigrant friendly policies whilst gaining support for the Republican party. This website suggests that political parties are trying to change the perception of immigrants in the US and using it to their advantage to gain support and membership.

Marco Rubio states that "It's very hard to make the economic argument to people who think you want to deport their grandmother", this highlights a common perception of the Latino community and views of many Americans. It also reinforces the idea that immigrants that are "New Americans" are missing out on certain policies because they are at risk of being deported as many Mexicans are illegally living in the US. As a result of this cafe con leche believes that more support should be available to this group of people as they have a huge political impact.

Anti Immigration

Americans for Immigration Control (AIC) is an activist website that wants to restrict the amount of illegal Mexicans crossing the American border. They also want to deport Mexicans that are already in the US, this suggests that they have a strong viewpoint on immigration. The AIC use various forms of media such as appearances on TV shows and guests on radio talk programmes to "alert the nation to the immigration crisis".  The website has various links to polls, videos and articles about the topic of immigration, one of which is titles a Christian perspective on immigration. This shows that the members want to unite support through the use of Christianity and the dislike of Barack Obama.

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